Teams attending DC12: Dynamoz, Dynamix, Distinction, Eclipse, Dauntless

We are still awaiting full scheduling from DC12, therefore at this point we cannot confirm which teams will be performing in which session.


The price listed is based on 1 spectator ticket for an individual session. Please reserve a ticket for each person whom you require a ticket for and detail in the question box what team this person will want to watch.

Once the session timtable has been released to us we will email to confirm if additional sessions are required for purchase or if you would be better exhanging for a day pass. Please note prices listed will include a small administative charge. 

Early Bird pricing will be removed midnight 5th Nov. Adult Price will then revert to £17 per person per session. Adults for DC12 competitions refer to Age 16+. Final Order Deadline: 15th Dec

Any questions please email us:

ADULT (16+) DC12 April Ticket Reservation