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Our motto at 3Degreez is “limitations only exist if you let them!” ...we believe that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!  Our competitive season runs from August - July (similar to a school year). We will generally recruit 
        into our competitive teams once a year, normally 
around June/July time however there may be occasions throughout  the year where we need to add additional members to our teams.
We have competition teams available from Age 3 through to Adults. 

So, what is it like being in a competition team? 

Whilst the word 'competition' may seem scary, it is far from that!  The sparkle we see grow in our athletes by being in a competitive cheer team is incredible to watch. As well as building amazing team work abilities it also provides individuals the opportunity to build confidence, self esteem, incredible sense of achievement and an experience that beats all competitive sporting events.

All-Star cheerleading is an athletic activity that combines elements of gymnastic floor tumbling, dance, lifts (stunts) and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions. It is a great way to increase fitness and flexibility, but most importantly it helps make great friendships, and understand the importance of team work. Within a competition team you will develop skills even further and build a routine that gets taken to competition at least 2-3 times a season (as well as other performances).  Teams will compete in age and level categories for a chance to take celebrate their hard work. 

Our committed and passionate coaches are dedicated to offering each and every athlete, success, opportunities, safe tuition and an experience they’ll never forget!  Cheerleaders’ success and happiness is what is most important to us at 3Degreez.  We thrive to create a platform that not only builds children and adults in confidence but adds to their life, providing a sense of belonging.

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Further information regarding Competitive Cheerleading within 3Degreez...


Cheerleading is very much a team sport, if one person is missing from training then it can stop the whole routine from working. With this in mind, if you accept a place on a competitive team we do request that you are sure you can commit to the whole season. This includes all training, competitions and fees. The teams success is always measured by communication therefore all we ask is that you communicate openly with us as much as possible. To be accepted into a competition team you must attend team placement week. These sessions are designed to help us put together the strongest teams possible and match skill basis accordingly. 

Each season will start with our registration week. All athletes must attend and for those under 18 at least 1 parent/guardian must register with them. All competition athletes receive a season training t-shirt to wear in training, and uniforms are required for competitions/performances.  To ensure our athletes can reach their full potential and for the safety of them and their team mates all competition athletes must wear correct cheer trainers. More guidelines/expectations around these can be found in our information pack. 



Everyone is welcome to attend team placement week, whilst we recommend attending our recreational classes first this is not always compulsory. We will inform members following this week where we feel they would be best suited, you will then be given a time frame for when you need to confirm your acceptance by. Some of the skills we will look for are listed below. 



Level 0:
Forward Roll to sit/stand to a High V

Standing Cartwheel (Front to Back)

Running Cartwheel

Level 1: 
All of the above plus...

Round Off (2 step entry)

Bridge / Backbend

Forward/Backward Walkover

Level 2: 
All of the above plus...

Standing Back Handspring / Step Out

Round Off Back Handspring

Front Handspring

Whilst we strive to have full team level appropriate tumbles, where necessary we may offer ‘stunt’ positions within the team. These will be decided based on the make up of the team during team placement week. Coaches have to take into consideration ratios of athletes vs skills to maximise on the score sheets. We will also look for potential to progress positions - by attending our recreational classes will also help the coaches understand your skill set in addition to tryouts. 

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For more details please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by clicking the gold email us button or visit the contact us tab in the website menu.

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